Need a reliable broadband connection where traditional internet is not available or fast enough?

Rock Satellite Services specialises in providing satellite broadband for your business, home, site or event, keeping you connected, anywhere, anytime, for however long you need.

  • Reliable fast internet with up to 22Mbps download and 6Mbps upload
  • Packages available to suit your business or home requirements
  • Equipment is available through outright purchase or rental schemes
  • Flexibility to upgrade or downgrade throughout contract
  • No need to wait for a traditional phone line
  • Telephone and on-site support available
  • Quick set up and removal of system
  • 30 day to 24 month contracts
  • Available anywhere in the UK

Rock Satellite Services provides a selection of services:

DataRock Events

Offers a package of services to keep your business or event online where you traditionally expect to be offline or where existing mobile networks may struggle

Auto Deploy Mobile Broadband

Providing a broadband solution for businesses on the road.  Bring your business online with a deployable broadband solution

Short Term Static Rental

Ideal for construction sites, shops or business awaiting permanent broadband connection or for short term business setups

Business Broadband Anywhere

Bringing your business online where ADSL or Superfast Broadband cannot. If it is not possible to have a fixed line, a satellite broadband solution can be your answer.  We can offer support for setting up your office and  provide VoIP telephones without the costs of a traditional fixed line rental

Home Broadband

Providing rural homes with a stable broadband connection.  If Superfast Broadband or even Broadband services are slow or limited in your area, we can get you online within days with a reliable satellite broadband solution

Specialist European Antenna Installation and Maintenance

Rock Satellite Services can support installation, maintenance and repair of VSAT terminals across Europe utilising a range of technologies

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