Providing a range of broadband connections and support for businesses at events

Whatever your business DataRock Events can keep you connected anywhere at anytime

DataRock Events offers a package of services to keep your business online where you would traditionally expect to be offline or where existing mobile networks may struggle with capacity.    With a focus to provide a dedicated wired or wireless connection wherever you need it, you can be assured that you can securely and reliably make the most of your time outside of your business base with the help of DataRock.


  • Dedicated service, meaning no risk of no service or congested mobile networks
  • Up to 3 hours backup power in case of power failure, keeping you online
  • Take card payments using existing PDQ or PoS systems in any location
  • Quick and easy set up, small scale and able to be located anywhere
  • Connect your business devices to operate your business as  normal using Social Media, Email, Internet and Apps
  • Offer your customers Wi-Fi


DataRock Events Services and Packages


Providing a temporary satellite broadband connection for rural events on short term rental basis directly to vendors


Providing a temporary satellite broadband connection for sporting events in outdoor locations where power is not available


Providing a temporary satellite broadband connection for events and festivals, for use by organisers, scalable to event size.


Providing customers with Wi-Fi connection, can be used by all clients, suggested as add on to enhance main client package.

With onsite set up and derigging, competitive pricing and support for onsite systems, why not contact Rock Satellite Services to find out how DataRock Events can help to support and expand your business.

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